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Upcoming Art Opening at Commons Gallery: A Holgatastic Photographic Expose’

Thursday, April 22 6:30pm

A Holga is basically an inexpensive plastic toy camera. The camera uses medium format film, which is about twice the size of the old 35mm film. As far as cameras go, they are very low tech and primitive. Unlike other film cameras, there is only one shutter speed and one aperture setting. A photographer is really left to the mercy of the camera as to how it will render a particular scene. For new photographers, the camera seems be much less intimidating than other manual cameras. The new photographer does not have to worry with whether they have their camera set up correctly to take a shot.  For seasoned photographers, the camera’s vignetting (extra exposure around the sides of the image resulting from light leaks in camera) and the extra soft focus stir creative juices.

Ridgeland High School photography students will be holding a Holga show called “A Holgatastic Photographic Expose” The show will be held at the Eudora Welty Commons at 6:30, April 22, 2010. Every image shown will have been taken with one of these Holga cameras.

Ashleigh Andrews, Haley Britt, Jordan Walker, Katie Hammond, Meredith Walker, Shelby Barham, Veronika Jager, Quinith Kipchumba Anna Howard, and Savannah Holman are all students expected to have pieces on display. 

Their teacher, Justin Rives, will also have some pieces on display.  Justin Rives has been a photographer for over the past 15 years, starting with a film camera his father bought him. While now he mostly takes portraits and wedding photography with a digital camera, when he is photographing for himself, he chooses film. Ever since he experienced the excitement of developing his own pictures in a darkroom, he has not been able to totally let go of the film medium. He tries to instill this excitement in his students at Ridgeland High School, where they have a fully operating darkroom for the the Photography I and II classes.   

In a world of digital photography, traditional silver based photo endeavors are becoming rare. Please encourage others to come and see these interesting pieces at Commons Gallery. 

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